Funny or Phi (F.o.f) is a de facto Cultural Association.
We produce, edit & distribute Creative Common content aiming both to entertain and educate.


Gorgeous, About Rhetoric

Gorgias is a dialog written by Plato to criticize those in Athens who sold their rhetoric skills to greed and money, turning Democracy into a vast joke.

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The People’s Mailing Box

As language teachers we want to bring people together through writing. Here you can find letters written by our students. It’s free to participate.

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We would love to hear your ideas.

We are looking for :

  • Graphers, drawers,
  • Translators (Arabic, Chinese)
  • Singers and poets (Any language)

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Funny or Phi is a movie collective based in Athens, Paris and New-Orleans. We try to create both educaitonal entertaining content, available for everyone, for free, and in high-definition.

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