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3 Steps to save the world :

Learn – nature & culture need your brains
Connecting – dare to share your knowledge
Feelings – to be a good storyteller

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Books for Tomorrow

Founding Disasters, book about the history of climate and humans.
Founding Disasters, a Climate History book

Discover 75 000 years of human adaptation to climatic disasters.

76.000 years ago, a gigantic volcano called Toba set us out to wander on a frozen planet. Only 3.000 of our ancestors survived, in South Africa.

12.000 years ago, we were all over the planet, getting ready for a deglaciation, after the Younger Dryas, that would allow us to invent agriculture simultaneously on 3 continents.

Then 3.114 Years ago a comet fell in the Pacific, where the Burckle Crater now is, tipping the earth upside down (!). Still traumatised by this climatic disaster that would inspire the mythical flood narrative, the few survivors would invent civilisation as we know it.

We were taught history in school. It seemed impossible to change: no one can change the past. However, science helps us understand it differently. […] At the end of the 19th century, after heated debates, in front of the evidence of geology, most historians finally admitted that ice had covered Western Europe in the Stone Age. […] At the beginning of our 21st century, genetics and climatology are shaking up established dogmas.Read more

Books are dead?
Long live Books!

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Did earth capsize ?

In “The Politics”, Aristotle talks about the reversal of the course of the Sun. In “The Politics”, Aristotle talks about the reversal of the course of the Sun. Egyptian priests reported that it rose several times in the West and set several times in the East. Four Egyptian documents deal more or less with thisContinue reading “Did earth capsize ?”

How to loose all your Friends ?

Social technologies have disrupted human relationships. Facebook’s venture : Instagram, Facebook, etc, went further and made friendship a game, where connections are like points, and individuation* is the dynamic. This hyper-connection of people also revealed a surprising fact : true friends are lame. They require attention, benevolence, sometimes even missing on some opportunities just toContinue reading “How to loose all your Friends ?”

*φ is a greek letter that stands for everything philosophical. So… Funny or Phi ?

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