Founding Disasters

Stories of Humans and Climate

In 75.000 years, humans almost disappeared 3 times. To better understand the changes to come, understand the history of climate with this challenging eBook by C. Olivier


in Warsaw

The Rhetorical Turk

a LaMDA conversation with B. Lemoine

If an AI can persuade you she has consciousness, does it make it true ? In June 2022, Blake Lemoine, then engineer at Google, published a discussion he had with Google's most developped Artifical Intelligence : LaMDA. The goal of this conversation : prove the world that AIs have consciousness.

We are looking for soemone based in Warsaw, and available a few days in August for a fake 30 mn interview. The participants will have to learn and interpret LaMDA's transcript : Transcript

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Book-Based social network

Research and exchange books with other readers, in your city and wherever you travel! is a book-based social-network. We started in June 2022, and we believe that books are the best social currency. Don’t you..?