Meet the translators

Alana Wang

Alana didn’t want to share an extended Bio so we’ll share a few words about her work : She did an amazing job. Mainly at debunking the author’s miss-wordings and finding the right Chinese expressions. Always fast and precise, a wonderfull coworker 🙂

Martina Lombardo

Martina was one of the first to join the project. She recently completed a master in translation and european litterature, and this is her first big project as a translator. Super dynamic, Martina helps us contacting Italian publishing houses.

Victor de Abreu

Victor de Abreu is a Brazilian independent translator currently studying Law at Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro. In his spare time, Victor likes to write songs and to dabble in poetrya.

Nancy LĂłpez

Nancy LĂłpez Vásquez (Guatemala, October 23, 1986) is an English and Spanish translator specializing in literary, legal, economic and audiovisual translation. Her published literary translation work includes Emily’s Hope by Ellen Gable (novel) and Walking in the Light of the Spirit by Peter Ljung et al (non-fiction). Here is her blog :

Arne KrĂĽeger

Hello to all descendants of our species! My name is Arne KrĂĽger and I had the wonderful opportunity to work on this book. I hope you, the readers, enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed traveling through history and (hopefully) gaining new insights into our evolution. How exciting, isn’t it! Stay safe and sound, everyone. Arne

Kayo Tairaku

Kayo worked on creative Translation and Copywriting projects. She has experience with academic, aesthetic, touristic, art & entertainment, or even traditional-culture projects. She has a Bachelor of arts in Japanese literature from Ferris University, Yokohama, Japan. Here is her website :

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