Who we are

Funny or Phi is a modern Publishing house.

We are a team of writers, editors, designers, translators, developers and marketers, from all around the world, bound together by the will to make widely available high-quality Creative Common content.


Christophe Olivier is the first writer whose book we published: “Founding Disasters“.


You can see the list of our collaborating translators on this page : meet the translators.


Agata Orlowksa is our lead graphic designer.

Funny or Phi is a de facto international association of independent contractors.
You can contact us at contact@funnyorphi.com for any legal enquiry.

What we do

We make books! Funny or Phi publishes, translates and sells multilingual editorial Creative Common licensed content.


“Founding Disasters” is our first project. It is an essay about the history of climate by Bioclimatic engineer Christophe Olivier. It was edited and published in digital and soon audiobook versions, by Funny or Phi.


We are currently working on several projects. More soon !


Using modern legal licensing tools such as Creative Commons, and very open and low-consuming technologies we try to make our books available to the greatest audience.


Using Natural Language Processing tools, our goal is to make the books of tomorrow : books you can talk with, dynamically display, or even just rephrase in one click, using your own vocab’. More soon 😉

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