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Publishing houses

As a digital company, we do not print our own books, but we would love to work with publishing houses. You would benefit from our marketing endeavours and our competitive license prices. We can make payment delays available for small structures.


We are always looking for translators for our content. Our translators have a lot of creative freedom, and get 20% royalties of all revenues generated by their versions.

We are currently looking for Social Media Managers

In these languages :
English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese,
Japanese, Italian, German, Russian, Polish

Mission :
Read and understand the book
Create social media pages
Translate, create and publish content
Monitor and entertain the community
Report to the marketing manager

You get 10% royalties

Content makers

In order to advertise our books, we work with content creators to make trailers, infographics, and even audio content derived from our books.


Audiobooks are booming! We’re looking for people able to record and master our books in an audio format.

Drops us a line at or using the from below

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